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Costs & Payments

Paying for your legal fees

When it comes to litigation, the one thing you can count on is that if it's contested, it probably isn't going to be cheap. At Justice Legal Team, we have payment plan options to suit every credit and income level so that you can afford to hire the best firm to handle your legal representation! (For examples and information about the average costs of a contested Family Law case, please check out this page.) 




Justice Legal Team's Billing and Payment Options:

Standard Billing Arrangement (Default Plan)

Our standard billing structure is called an Evergreen Retainer with Monthly Billing. This means that your initial retainer payment is deposited in our Trust account and held until the end of your case. While your case is active, we will send you a monthly billing statement that is due in full every month, payable within 10 days. Once your case is concluded, your initial retainer is applied to your final billing statement, and any funds that are not used are refunded to you. 


  1. No interest charges or service fees.
  2. No late fees.
  3. No long contract terms - when your case is done, so are your payments!


  1. Monthly invoice amounts will vary from a few dollars to potentially thousands of dollars.
  2. No guarantee of a set amount due each month.
  3. If each month's invoice is not paid in full by the due date, our firm will withdraw from representation in your matter and use your retainer to pay the outstanding invoice. You would then have to find another attorney to provide you with representation.

Best For: Clients who don't want to pay interest on a loan or have to make payments for many months beyond the end of their case. You can pay through your secure client portal or go to our Make A Payment page to pay consultation fees, outstanding invoices, retainer fees, or prepaid flat fees. 




Financing/Payment Plan Option (In-House Payment Plans/Outside Financing)

We understand that not everyone has the financial ability to pay a potentially large amount each month for their legal services and need to have a monthly payment you can budge for. We offer in-house payment plans so that all potential clients can obtain quality legal services without the stress of trying to predict what each month's invoice amount might be! If this fits your budget better, then please check out our Financing and Payment Plans page for more details on the options we offer!


  1. Fixed monthly payment amounts.
  2. In-house plans available that offer lower up-front retainer requirements.
  3. Payments can be set up to draft weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for in-house payment plans.
  4. Controls monthly amount paid for services, regardless of the invoice total for the month to ensure you can afford the best legal representation!


  1. A lower up-front retainer amount means a larger monthly payment.
  2. Carries an additional monthly service fee for in-house plans. Interest is charged by the lender on outside financing.
  3. Missing a payment will result in a pause or termination of services.
  4. Repayment terms may extend long past the end of your case.

Best For: Clients who do not have a large amount of disposable cash; clients who need the security of a scheduled monthly payment amount; clients who do not wish to have payments that may change drastically each month during their case litigation.

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