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Oklahoma Child Custody and Visitation

Oklahoma child custody and visitation can be some of the most difficult family law matters to deal with regardless of whether the parents were married. In fact, some of Oklahoma's child custody and visitation matters often include other family members (and sometimes even friends of the family) stepping up to take care of children because one or both parents may be incarcerated or involved in a dangerous lifestyle. 

Child Custody in Oklahoma: What Does It Look Like?

When it comes to child custody, it's broken down into the following:

  • Physical custody - Where the child lives. 
  • Legal custody - Who gets to make various decisions on behalf of the child. 

And then custody of the child may then look like:

  • Sole custody - Where one parent has both physical custody and legal custody of the child. This does not mean that the other parent doesn't receive any form of visitation. It only means that one parent gets the decision-making power and the child also lives with them. 
  • Primary custody - One parent provides the primary home for the child and the parents share legal custody. 
  • Joint custody - The parents share both physical and legal custody. However, this does not mean that parents necessarily share an equal amount of time with the child. 

What's right for your situation can depend on several factors. 

Oklahoma Child Visitation Laws

Along with child custody laws comes Oklahoma child visitation laws. Generally, unless a parent is proven to be unfit in court, they can gain the right to visit with their child. For unmarried parents, this must be done after paternity is established. 

For the parent who is not the one awarded with primary custody or sole custody, they usually receive standard visitation. Of course, the standard visitation schedule may not work for every family going through this change, especially if one parent lives out of state. So, this is a situation that is certainly worth discussing with a child custody lawyer so that an appropriate visitation schedule can be worked out. 

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