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Family Law in OKC

When you think of family law in OKC, what usually comes to mind is divorce, child support laws in Oklahoma, lawyers for custody cases, OKC divorce attorneys, couples fighting over property and support, etc. And, of course, all of that is true in many cases. 

The majority of the time, that's why people seek out a family law attorney in OKC...when things get ugly. 

And living up to our Not All Heroes Wear Capes slogan, we're honored to advocate for our clients and protect them - to make sure that their rights are protected, they get what they need and deserve after a split, and that everyone ends up with a fair resolution they can live with, including their children. 

Yet, that's not all that happens in family law. 

Family law is also full of beautiful moments. Two of those beautiful moments often include guardianship and adoption. We recognize that there are times when both of these may begin in situations that may not seembeautiful. There's an old proverb that reads "They tried to bury us, but they did not know that we were seeds." So, regardless of how guardianship or adoption might begin, they offer a beautiful ending. 

We've helped victims of domestic violence escape an abusive ex. Fought for parents who have been alienated from their children to have the chance to rebuild those relationships. Ensured that spouses who controlled all the money in the relationship paid the full share due to the other spouse after they split, and protected our client's small businesses they worked so hard to build from being destroyed in a property settlement. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the relief on our client's faces when their cases are finished!

Affording the Representation You Need: Justice Legal Team Is Here to Help!

Here at Justice Legal Team, we know that Oklahoma family law matters can make getting the representation you need feel like it's out of reach. We've worked hard to put together financing and payment options for our clients to help them be able to get the legal help they need. 

You can learn more about financing options here. Then, schedule your consultation here. We look forward to meeting you!

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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

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