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At Justice Legal Team, we know how important your case is. We also know that it can be very expensive to go to court, especially when there are complicated issues involved. Because it can be a struggle to find a way to pay for a good lawyer who can help you navigate your case, we have partnered with several financing partners who can make it easy and affordable to hire good counsel who will fight for your interests. There are options available for every credit level, including poor or no credit – as long as you can make regular monthly payments, we can find a financing option for you!

You can find out more information under each tab and even get pre-approved before your consultation with us! Don’t let the fear of not being able to afford a lawyer stop you from protecting yourself – give us a call to schedule your personal consultation and let us show you why Not All Heroes Wear Capes!

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Credit not that great? Not sure if you can qualify for a line of credit? Flexxbuy is the choice for you! Flexxbuy partners with dozens of lenders to offer the best financing options available to fund your legal fees. And you don’t have to worry about a hit to your credit – you can get pre-qualified without a hard pull to your credit report so you can review all your options without having an inquiry show up!

With just a minimum credit score of 500 needed, Flexxbuy is a great option for securing the funds you need to get the representation you deserve. You can get pre-qualified for financing by submitting an application below!!

(Remember, we will still need to have an initial consultation with you in order to fully go over your legal issues and discuss your best options, so don’t forget to also Book Your Consultation!)
[For additional information, please read Flexxbuy’s E-Consent Agreement, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Credit Report Authorization and Telephone and Email Consents.]

We know that sometimes things happen that really do a number on your credit score – or you don’t have enough credit history yet to get approved for traditional financing options. Never fear, we have financing options available for you, too! After you’ve completed your initial consultation with us, we can calculate your required amount down and monthly payments based on our total estimate of the issues in your case. Our outside payment partner Denefits will tell us how much you’ll need as a down payment and how much your monthly payments will be, with no obligations! You can get an estimate of how much your payment plan will be by filling out the no-obligation, no-credit-check information form HERE

There are no additional costs or charges and no credit check to get pre-qualified for financing or getting a payment estimate, so contact us now to schedule your consultation right away!

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