COVID-19 Announcement: Updated Firm Policies

In an effort to help prevent spread of COVID-19 and to protect our staff and clients (especially those who may have a compromised immune system or are caring for someone with one), Justice Legal Team PLLC made the decision to restrict in-person contact and closed our office to outside persons.

However, we have set up a virtual communication system that allows us to continue having client meetings and consultations by phone and video conferencing. So, operations will continue as usual – just not face to face!

Our attorneys and staff are equipped with the ability to work remotely from anywhere so we can continue to provide full services to our clients regardless of what the coming days may bring. Current clients will receive an initial email with the current status of operations and a list of resources to assist us with gathering documents and communicating during this period. So don’t worry! We are still working just as hard as ever on your case!

New clients may schedule consultations by phone or video call. We will continue to regularly update you with any changes that may be made by the courts regarding hearings or other procedural details over the coming weeks as we get information, both on our website and by email newsletter.

Currently, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has suspended jury trials and hearing dockets in all 77 trials for a minimum of 30 days. This means all hearings and scheduled court dates have been pushed back a minimum of 30 days and may end up being scheduled out even further if the mandatory closures extend beyond this time. We will contact each client with a pending court date individually with updates and information about your case matter as we get additional information.

Our clients and their families are our number one priority, whether it’s their legal matters or their health. We are doing all we can to ensure that never changes. Stay safe and be prepared! 

~ The Justice Legal Team